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Low Carb/ Keto Food list for Introduction into the Low Carb Life Style .

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

This is a list of foods for those entering a low carb lifestyle for the first time . You should aim at 20 net carbs per day with that and those card coming from the approved vegetable on this list. It is important to keep nutrition in mind as this diet is about improving your health and not just weight loss only . As your body weans off sugar and simple carbs and becomes adapted to burning fat you will be able to add in some fruit and nuts on a controlled basis . I recommend the program laid out in " The New Atkins for a New You " by Dr Eric C Westman .

This diet need not be a burden but you can have very enjoyable and nutritional meals and since you will be eating less you can afford to buy a better quality food , grass feed , organic and free range .

Introduction to a Low Carb Diet acceptable food list (First two to three weeks)

Use this list of acceptable low carb foods as your guide to serving sizes and net carbs per serving. Aim to eat, three meals and two snacks every day. NEVER STARVE YOURSELF! Or go more than 3-4 hours during the day without eating. And plan ahead so you aren’t tempted to eat foods not found on the following acceptable list. Note the better quality the food the better you results will be and as you will be eating less you will be able to afford better quality food .

Meat, Fish, Poultry

Most fish, poultry and meat generally do not contain carbohydrates. The exceptions are processed bacon and deli meat, which often have added starch as binders.

Be sure to check the labels.

Enjoy cold-water fish and other low carb Induction foods containing omega 3 fatty acids.

Meats: Bacon, Beef, Ham, Lamb, Pork, Veal, Venison

Fish: Flounder, Herring, Salmon, Sardines, Sole, Tuna, Trout

Shellfish: Clams, Crab, Mussels, Oysters, Shrimp, Squid

Fowl: Cornish Hen, Chicken, Duck, Goose, Pheasant, Quail, Turkey

IMPORTANT! This is not a low fat diet. Fat is necessary to cause you to feel satisfied and condition the body to switch from burning glucose to ketones. So it’s better to choose the fattier cuts of meat and eat chicken skin on


Eggs are a staple of any Induction food list. Add mushrooms, onions and peppers with approved cheeses to an omelet.

Tip: Add low carb spices for zest (some spices increase fat loss) and serve with a side of chunky bacon-feta-tomato salad.

All Eggs: Deviled, Fried, Hard-boiled, Omelets, Poached, Scrambled or Soft-boiled.


Most cheeses have less than 1 gm of carbs per ounce, but be sure to check the label. We are allowed 3 to 4 ounces of most cheeses every day during Induction, including cream cheese.

Avoid Cottage Cheese, Ricotta cheese Farmer’s Cheese and other fresh/raw cheeses. Also avoid processed Cheese spreads and sweet cheese spreads like strawberry cream cheese

Blue Cheeses, 1 oz., 0.7

Brie 1, oz., 0.1

Cheddar, ½ cup, 0.0

Feta, 1 oz., 1.2

Fontana 1 oz. 0.4 Cheddar, ½ cup, 0.0

Gouda, 1 oz., 0.6

Sheep and Goat, 1 oz., 0.3

Cream Cheese, 1 oz., 0.8

Gruyere 1/ oz. 0.1

Havarti 1 oz. 0.7

Mozzarella, 1 oz., 0.6

Monterey 1 oz., 0.1

Munster 1 oz., 0.3

Parmesan, 1 tbsp., 0.2

Provolone 1 oz., 0.6

Swiss, 1 oz., 1.0


12 to 15 net carbs each day should come from low carb vegetables.

Choose the lowest carb veggies from the list, and you’ll be surprised how much you can eat.

Vegetables for Induction

Vegetable, Serving Size/Prep, Net Carbs

Alfalfa Sprouts, 1 cup/raw, 0.4

Arugula, ½ cup/raw, 0.2

Bok Choy, 1 cup/raw, 0.8

Celery, 1 stalk, 0.8

Chicory Greens, ½ cup/raw, 0.6

Chives, 1 tbsp., 0.1

Cucumber, ½ cup, 1.0

Daikon, ½ cup, 1.0

Endive, ½ cup, 0.0

Escarole, ½ cup, 0.0

Fennel, 1 cup, 3.6

Ginger, fresh, grated 1 Tbsp. 0. 8

Jicama, ½ cup, 2.5

Lettuce Iceberg, ½ cup, 0.1

Mushrooms ½ cup, 1.2

Parsley, 1 tbsp., 0.1

Peppers, ½ cup/raw, 2.3

Radicchio, ½ cup/raw, 0.7

Radishes, 10/raw, 0.9

Mixed greens 1- cup 0.4

Romaine Lettuce, ½ cup, 0.2

Artichoke, ¼ of medium/boiled, 4.0

Artichoke Hearts, 1/in water, 1.0

Asparagus, 6 spears/boiled, 2.4

Avocado, 1 whole/raw, 3.5

Bamboo Shoots, 1 cup/boiled, 1.1

Beet greens ½ cup 3.7 (great source of potassium)

Broccoli, ½ cup/boiled, 1.6

Broccoli, ½ cup/raw, 1.0

Broccoli robe, 1 ounce, 1.3

Broccoflower, ½ cup, 1.4

Brussels sprouts, ¼ cup boiled, 2.4

Cabbage, green, red savoy ½ cup/boiled or raw, 2.0

Cauliflower, ½ cup/boiled or raw, 1.0

Chard, ½ cup Swiss/boiled, 1.8

Collard Greens, ½ cup/boiled, 4.2

Eggplant, ½ cup boiled/raw, 1.8

Green beans Haricots Vert ½ cup 2.9

Hearts of Palm, 1 heart, 0.7

Kale, ½ cup, 2.4

Kohlrabi, ½ cup, 4.6

Leeks, ¼ cup/boiled, 1.7

Portobello mushroom (cooked) 1, each 2.6

Mushrooms shiitake ¼ cup 4.4

Okra, ½ cup/boiled or raw, 2.4

Olives, green, 5, 2.5

Olives, black, 5, 0.7

Onion, ¼ cup/raw, 2.8

Peppers, green bell ½ cup 2.1

Peppers, red bel ½ cup 2.9

Pumpkin, ¼, cup/boiled, 2.4

Rhubarb, ½ cup, unsweetened, 1.7

Radicchio ½ cup 0.7

Scallions / Green Onion ¼ cup 1.2

Shallots 2 tablespoons 3.1

Sauerkraut, ½ cup canned/drained, 1.2

Peas, ½ cup edible podded, 3.4

Spaghetti Squash, ½ cup/boiled, 2.0

Spinach, ½ cup/raw, 0.2

Summer Squash, ½ cup/boiled, 2.0

Tomato, 1 raw, 4.3

Tomato, cherry 5 ea. 2.2

Turnips, ½ cup/boiled, 2.2

Turnip greens ½ cup 2.1

Zucchini, ½ cup sautéed, 2.0

Watercress ½ cup 0.0

Water chestnuts ¼ cup, 3.5

Spices and Herbs

Be sure to check for added sugar or starch.

Spice/Herb, Serving Size: 1 tbsp., Net Carbs: 0


Cayenne Pepper











Salad Dressings and Garnishes

If you choose a salad dressing not listed below, aim for less than 2 net carbs per serving.

Note its best to make your own dressing.

Dressing, Serving Size, Net Carbs

Blue Cheese, 2 tbsp., 2.3

Caesar, 2 tbsp., 0.5

Italian, 2 tbsp., 3.0

Lemon Juice, 2 tbsp., 2.5

Lime Juice, 2 tbsp. 2.9

Oil and Vinegar, 2 tbsp., 1.0

Ranch, 2 tbsp., 1.4


Food, Serving Size, Net Carbs

Crumbled Bacon, 3 slices, 0.0

Diced Hard-Boiled Egg, 1 egg, 0.5

Sautéed Mushrooms, ½ cup, 1.0

Sour Cream, 2 tbsp., 1.2


Ancho chili pepper, 1 pepper 5.1

Anchovy Paste 1 tbsp. 0.0

Black bean sauce 1 tsp 3.0

Capers 1 tbsp. 0.1

Chipotle en adobe 2 peppers 2.0

Coco powder unsweet 1 tbsp 1.2

Clam juice 1 cup 0.0

Enchilada sauce ¼ cup 2.0

Fish sauce 1 tsp 0.2

Garlic 1 large clove 0.9

Ginger 1 tbsp. grated 0.8

Horseradish sauce 1 tsp 0.4

Jalapeno chili pepper ½ cup sliced 1.4

Miso paste 1 tbsp. 2.6

Mustard Dijon 1 tsp 0.5

Mustard yellow 1 tsp 0.0

Pesto 1 tbsp. 0.6

Pickle Dill 1 pickle 2.0

Pimento 1 ounce 2.0

Salsa green, unsweet 1 tbsp. 0.6

Salsa red unsweet 1 tbsp. 1.0

Soy sauce 1 tbsp. 0.9

Tabasco or other Hot sauce 1 tsp 0.0

Tahini (sesame paste) 2 tbsp. 1.0

Vinegar balsamic 1 tbsp. 2.3

Vinegar cider 1 tbsp. 0.0

Vinegar rice unsweet 1 tbsp. 0.0

Vinegar red / white wine 1 tbsp. 1.5

Vinegar sherry 1 tbsp. 0.9

Wasabi paste 1 tbsp. 0.0


Count the following as 1 gram per table spoon restrict to 3 per day on introduction.




Monk fruit

Erythritol , This is the best for not impacting Insulin levels .


Fats and Oils

There are no net carbs here, but a single serving equals 1 tablespoon. Focus on olive oil, especially virgin or extra-virgin.




Duck fat

Beef Tallow

Olive oil

Coconut Oil








Food, Serving Size, Net Carbs

Crumbled Bacon, 3 slices, 0.0

Diced Hard-Boiled Egg, 1 egg, 0.0

Sautéed Mushrooms, ½ cup, 1.0

Sour Cream, 2 tbsp., 1.2

Mayonnaise (Select full fat with no added sugar.)


Pay close attention to your beverages, as they are often a major source of hidden sugars and carbs. It is important to drink plenty of water. Drinking enough fluid assists with weight loss and is essential to maintaining good health.

Clear broth/ bouillon (make sure it has no sugars added)

Club soda

Cream, heavy or light

Decaffeinated or regular coffee and tea*

Flavored seltzer (must say no calories)

Herb tea (without added barley or fruit sugar added)

Unflavored coconut/almond milk

Filtered water

Mineral water

Spring water

Tap water

* One to two cups of caffeinated tea or coffee is allowed as desired and tolerated by each individual.


Initially you will be aiming for eating three meals a day with two snacks and later as you are weaned of carbohydrates , no snacks and later if you choose Intermitting fasting eating two or even one meal a day . Its Important that the snack be high fat as to cause a smaller insulin response and interrupt fat burning . here are some suggestions .

Pork cracklings

Bacon strips

Aged cheese , like Brie or aged cheddar

Boiled eggs

Foods NOT Allowed on Induction.

Basically, here’s the rule: If it’s not on the Induction foods list, you guessed it – it’s not allowed.

Don’t Eat these Foods on Induction

Grains and anything made with them, including bread, cake, pastries.

Pasta, or anything else made of flour.

Dairy products (milk, coffee creamers, yogurt) – except for cheese and heavy cream in limited quantities.

Starchy vegetables, such as potatoes, beets, corn.

Fruits/Fruit Juice



Deli Salad (Sliced deli meat has added sugar and starch.)

Avoid Processed Food

Alcoholic Beverages

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