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Easy ,Clarified Butter or Ghee.

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

If you are a low carb or keto diet choosing the right cooking fat is really important , avoiding grain oils and certain nut oils are important. Coconut oil is great but the flavor is sometimes a problem , on the other hand who does not like butter and it is really quite healthy . The quick video below will show you a easy fool proof way to do this , use unsalted butter for cooking and salted butter for dipping as with shrimp or lobster !


Low Carb / Keto easy Clarified Butter or Ghee.

Necessary Ingredients and equipment.

1 - Pound of unsalted butter for sautéing or salted butter for dipping.

1- Gallon sized zip lock bag.

1- Pot of simmering water.

1- Cloths pin or other clamping device.

Kitchen scissors .


Place butter in the zip lock bag and force out as much air as possible and zip lock.

Gently lower bag into simmering water and clip the corner of the bag to the edge of the pot.

Simmer till butter is completely melted.

Remove melted butter from water and hang from shelf in the fridge by one of the top corners,

allowing the butter to form a triangle.

Leave in the fridge till now clarified butter becomes completely solid.

Holding the bag over the sink, snip bottom corner draining collected liquid.

Remove Ghee / Butter from bag and with a knife scrape off the white deposits from top.

Using a paper clean the rest of the white substance which is “the whey “ from the Ghee/clarified butter and return to another bag or storage device , place in the fridge till needed .

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