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About Me

Hi There!

I am Chef Tyler Macon and for years I was the stereotypical " fat chef " as seen in my earlier photos . I also had all the heath problems so related to that condition , diabetes , hypertension , fatigue ,​sleeplessness, joint pain and pain in my feet due to the excess weight .I was also giving to spells of depression . I seemed to have no power to do anything to improve my situation .

 Then one day while reading a news letter on the stock market of all things the author shared his experience on the Low Carb , High Fat Diet and how it worked for him . I thought to myself " well it cant hurt " s I gave it a try weening myself off quick carbs like bread , potato's , corn etc. And began to eat fatty pieces of chicken , beef , salmon and low carb vegetables like broccoli , asparagus , cauliflower and kale . The result was that the weight fell of me . I lost 2-3 pounds a week , without exercise till I had lost a total of 50 pounds and have kept it off . Also my blood test results improved and I am off my diabetes medicines . I was very thankful to God that I found a way to control  my weight and restore my health that I really want to share with others .

The problem that I ran into was that most of the low carb recipes out there were  for lack of better words  "weird " , I thought that what was needed was low carb recipes that were familiar and as good or better than the originals and that is what this site and my work going forward is dedicated to . Low carb dishes that everyone will enjoy . I hope that my work will be a blessing to you and those you love .

 Sincerely,  Chef Tyler Macon 


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